To monitor, preserve and protect the coral reef ecosystem of South Florida through research, education and public awareness.

Visit www.reef-rescue.org to learn more 

Reef Rescue exists only due to the generosity of its supporters. Our sole purpose is the protection and preservation of the south Florida coral reef ecosystem. You can help us continue our work by making a secure online donation at: https://npo1.networkforgood.org/Donate/Donate.aspx?npoSubscriptionId=3025

Join us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/PalmBeachCountyReefRescue


We are members of the scuba diving community and individuals who share a concern for the coastal environment. Originally founded byPalm BeachCountydivers, our members now range worldwide and represent every walk of life.

As divers we have the unique ability to view our underwater world firsthand. And sometimes what we see is quite disturbing. Our divers have documented damage to the coastal environment and coral reefs from sewage discharges, siltation and burial from construction projects and physical damage to our reefs from illegally anchored vessels.

We have successfully utilized the data we gather to make a difference.

 Sewage Pollution

Evidence gathered by our divers established a link between inadequately treated sewage discharged into the ocean inDelray   Beachand coral killing algal blooms downcurrent of the ocean outfall pipe. Our evidence convinced the wastewater utility to curtail the ocean dumping and build a water reuse facility. The Delray outfall went offline in 2009.

We testified before theFloridalegislature and were instrumental in helping pass legislation to end the discharge of 350,000,000 million gallons-a-day of partially treated sewage into southeastFlorida’s coastal waters.

We successfully blocked attempts by special interests in 2011 and 2012 to roll back the compliance deadlines in the outfall legislation.

 Reef Burial and Siltation

Our divers monitor beach renourishment projects above and below the water to ensure contractor compliance with permit requirements. We have documented excessive silt from projects which prompted FDEP to take enforcement action.

 Anchor Damage Prevention

Working with the Marine Industry Association we negotiated language establishing penalties for anchoring on coral reefs, which ultimately helped lead to the passage of the 2009 Florida Coral Reef Protection Act.

Our boater education program and on-water enforcement efforts have essentially eliminated the once chronic problem of boats anchored on coral reefs in PBC.

 Endangered Species Coral Protection

Our divers have mapped previously unknown locations of ESA protected staghorn (Acropora) coral colonies in PBC. Working with the National Marine Fisheries Service, Reef Rescue helped author a recovery plan for the ESA listed Acropora corals.

We are involved in many projects to protectFlorida’s coastal environment.

But we can’t do it without your support!

Please visit www.reef-rescue.org to learn more; while there please consider making an online donation to help fund our coral reef protection programs.

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