Posted by: reefrescue | December 15, 2015

End of Year Request for Support

Please consider making an end of the year, tax deductible, donation to Reef Rescue at:

Your support of Reef Rescue allows us to continue the work of protecting the fragile South Florida coastal ecosystem.

  • We have been monitoring the dredging in the Port of Palm Beach, on the west side of Peanut Island to ensure compliance with the project permit. So far we have not seen any turbidity problems or impacts to the world renowned Blue Heron Bridge dive site.
  • Dredging near Pauls Reef and Horseshoe off shore of Lake Worth, FL is about to begin for the Phipps Ocean Park beach renourishment. We have concerns about this project due to the poor quality of sand and the anticipated high pumping rates. The Town of Palm Beach will not let us take off or land our drone from within the jurisdiction of the town, making access to the turbidity plume more difficult and expensive since we will have to conduct our monitoring from offshore. We will also be watching the beach renourishment project in Boca this season.
  • This past summer we outfitted several shore divers in Broward County with GPS trackers that interface with their cameras allowing photos to be stamped with lat/long. This was useful in providing documentation of the recent coral bleaching and disease outbreak in that area. The divers are also using this system to capture before and after photos of near-shore reef impacts and burial from the, about to begin, Ft. Lauderdale truck haul beach projects.








We are funded entirely by private donations. Field work, fuel, supplies, equipment and water analysis are expensive, so please help if you can!










Remember the best place to keep up with coral reef related issues is on our Facebook page:


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