Posted by: reefrescue | April 6, 2015

Trawling for endangered sea turtles


Update 4/17 – the incidental “take” is now 5 turtles.

April 6: As part of the ongoing Town of Palm Beach beach renourishment project the hopper dredge Lindolm is dredging sand from offshore of Singer Island and discharging it onto the beach in the Town of Palm Beach. This is taking place during turtle nesting season in an area frequented by Leatherback sea turtles.

We have found the dredge has killed two Loggerheads and injured one Green turtle so far. They have brought in a shrimp trawler to drag nests to clear the dredging area of turtles. They claim this is legal. FDEP, FWC and the Army Corps will not release information about the trawler’s impact on the turtles.

Reef Rescue has had to file a Freedom of Information Act Request to get them to release information about the capture and relocation of the turtles by the trawler. The Army Corp has told us they have 20 days to respond to our FOIA request.

You can follow the track of the dredge at:

Photos from 4-7-2015, Singer Island FL, by David Sanchez




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