Posted by: reefrescue | December 15, 2014

Army Corps files compliant against Reef Rescue

What do you do when the Reef Rescue drone catches you violating turbidity regulations on the N. Boca beach dredge project, if you’re the Corps of Army Engineers you turn them in to the FAA.

That’s just what they did, filed a compliant with the FAA alleging the Reef Rescue drone was somehow violating federal regulations by flying over their project.

But, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) did find the Army Corps in violation of the permit FDEP issued for the beach project.


Below is a link to the FDEP, N. Boca beach dredging site inspection report. They came out the day after Reef Rescue requested enforcement action for turbidity plumes in violation of the project permit. FDEP found the same results Reef Rescue had been reporting. The Army Corps (who is supervising because this project is funded by federal tax dollars) said FDEP and Reef Rescue collected the samples at the wrong locations. The next day in a conference call the Army Corps admitted their contractors were the ones collecting the samples wrong.

Link to the FDEP site inspection report (read the caption for photo #3):

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