Posted by: reefrescue | October 24, 2014

Army Corps makes concessions to avert Miami Deep Dredge shutdown.

In federal court on Thursday the Army Corps agreed to pay over $400,000 for the relocation of the corals and use methods to reduce sedimentation and turbidity for the life of the Miami Deep Dredge project.

…“take note of the scale of this damage, before Port expansion permits are granted for projects up and down Florida’s precious coast,” noted Captain Dan Kipnis, a veteran of multiple actions against Army Corps projects, “It’s about stepping up and holding the Army Corps accountable.”


“With the Corps’ agreement to relocate the corals and reduce sedimentation we achieved the purpose of the Emergency Motion but the rest of our suit is still very much active and we plan to proceed on the claims we have brought in the Complaint against the Corps,” Silverstein said.

Read: “This is bullshit,” retired Biscayne Bay boat captain Dan Kipnis. “I’ve never seen a government agency bulldoze the environment and people who care about it and lie, cheat and steal like they have here.   “Miami Deep Dredge: Environmentalists Win Court Battle but Not War as Blasting Continues

Read Press Release:



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