Posted by: reefrescue | February 11, 2014

Florida enviro-obstructionism

Florida’s latest export – Enviro-obstructionism

Ever wondered why there isn’t even the slightest effort by the FDEP to protect Florida’s dying natural resources – look no further.

These two recent articles pretty much sum up the sad state of affairs in Florida, where any effort to protect our land, water and natural resources is thwarted by special interests that control Tallahassee.

If that weren’t bad enough we are now exporting Florida’s brand of enviro-obstructionism to undermine plans to cleanup Chesapeake Bay.


The Miami Herald: Muddying the waters far from home

Last week, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi filed a brief — paid for with your taxes — attacking the legality of the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint.

The plan was devised by six bay area states, the District of Columbia and the federal government. Its mission is to improve water quality in the rivers, streams and estuaries of the Chesapeake region.

Perps: Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, American Farm Bureau Federation, the National Home Builders and the Fertilizer Institute.

The Florida Current: Twenty-four groups sign letter objecting to draft springs legislation

Several agricultural, business, cities and utility groups are raising concerns with draft springs legislation in the Senate, arguing that Florida has the regulatory tools it needs to improve water quality.

Perps: Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida League of Cities, Associated Industries of Florida, Florida Farm Bureau Federation, Association of Florida Community Developers.


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