Posted by: reefrescue | August 30, 2013

Help protect corals this holiday weekend

Holiday weekends plus calm seas equals anchor damage on our coral reefs. You can help by reporting anchored boats.

You don’t need to get confrontational or even speak to the anchored boater. Just record a few important pieces of information and the FDEP will issue a warning letter to the offending boater. The letter will inform them they are in violation of Florida’s 2009 Coral Protection Act and future violations can result in substantial fines. If the boater has received a warning in the past this incident will result in enforcement and penalties.

It’s simple and it works.

Working with local commercial and private boaters we have significantly reduced anchor damage on Palm Beach County reefs. But, we can’t slack off.

Here’s all you need to do:

To report a boat anchored in coral you need:

  • To be positive it is anchored on the reef.
  • Vessel registration numbers and vessel description.
  • Date, time, water depth and GPS coordinates of the anchored boat.
  • A photo of the vessel, preferably with the shoreline in the background.
  • You can also provide, though not absolutely necessary, a photo of the boat’s anchor embedded in the reef.

Email these items with your contact information to:

More useful information:


Palm Beach County Mooring Buoy Program

Broward County Mooring Buoy Program

Miami-Dade Mooring Buoys

Also see:

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