Posted by: reefrescue | July 27, 2013

Volunteer divers remove deadly hazard from Palm Beach waters

Divers made a deadly discovery in Palm Beach waters, Monday July 22.

A ghost net was found adrift by local divers offshore of Palm Beach. Reef Rescue volunteer divers and crew from the dive boat Narcosis worked for over five hours to free entangled animals and haul the net to the surface. Discovered Sunday afternoon, a volunteer dive team was quickly organized and returned on Monday to remove the hazard.

The tangled net was estimated to be several hundred feet long and weighed upwards of 2,000 lbs. It took 10 people to finally haul the net onto the deck of Narcosis and a crane to remove it from the deck.

The lack of growth and fouling on the net suggested it had not been in the water long. While dozens of lobster, crabs, fish and even a small shark were entangled, all the marine life was safely set free. The net was found near shore on a sandy bottom between Bath & Tennis and Mar-a-Lago. Fortunately, it was away from the nearby coral reef, where it would have caused extensive damage. Considering the number of sea turtles in the area due to nesting season, we were very lucky none were caught in the net, where they could have quickly drowned.

Thank you to all the volunteers.

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