Posted by: reefrescue | April 18, 2013

Delray Beach Dredge Phase II Investigation

April 15, 2013 pumping at the Delray beach renourishment dredge project ended. Immediately the silt plumes, that at times covered miles of shoreline began to slowly clear. But the work of volunteer monitors is not over. Our focus now moves offshore  to assess impacts to the nearby coral reefs.

4-17-2013 6-40-09 AM

During the 27 days of the project 12 permit violations were documented, forcing the project to shut down on several occasions. An April 9, joint Reef Rescue and FDEP site inspection found turbidity levels far above permitted levels.


Maximum permissible turbidity levels are written into the project permit to protect the coastal environment. Silt suspended into the water column by the project will ultimately settle out and degrade the hard bottom habitat, inhibiting settlement of corals, other invertebrates, and algae, and can suffocate and kill suspension-feeding invertebrates already present. The hard-bottom species at risk include all the octocorals and the elkhorn and staghorn corals, both on the Threatened Species list of the Endangered Species Act.” (Peterson, 2008).

We’re asking for help from the local scuba diving community.

Your observations and photos of project related reef siltation and degradation are important. Silt from this project has potential to impact Gulfstream Reef, Delray Ledge, Seagate Reef and Shark Reef. Contact Reef Rescue.



Also see how silt kills coral:





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