Posted by: reefrescue | March 6, 2012

Battle for Biscayne Bay

The Tropical Audubon Society, Biscayne Bay WaterKeeper and Capt. Dan Kipnis have filed a legal appeal of the controversial – and potentially devastating Port of Miami “Deep Dredge” project to widen and deepen shipping channels in Fisherman’s Cut to accommodate the world’s largest freighter ships.


The groups are seeking financial support from the community for the legal challenge and are asking that donations be made directly to: “Biscayne Bay Waterkeeper” and sent to Alexis Segal, Executive Director of Biscayne Bay Waterkeeper ( to 10850 Lakeside Drive, Coral Gables, FL, 33156 or through PayPal at

Please send a donation of $10 or more today. And pledge to help preserve Biscayne Bay.


  1. Reef Relief: Thank you for your post! Also, for all of the wonderful work you’re doing to conserve and protect what remains of our precious reef tract. Congratulations on defeating that ugly bill AGAIN and I look forward to celebrating the final, long-overdue closure of the outfall pipe one day in the near future.

  2. we need to do the same for the dynamiting of the port everglades too/

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