Posted by: reefrescue | January 23, 2012

How to Kill a Coral Reef

Don’t listen to the experts. We’ve seen it all too many times before; here’s the latest victim.

GREAT GUANA CAY, Bahamas , U.S. marine biologists reported at the Abaco Science Alliance conference this month that reef-killing fertilizers are seeping from a controversial, shoreline golf megadevelopment on Great Guana Cay, and are causing coral disease and reef-smothering algae blooms on one of the Bahamas’ most pristine coral reefs .

Scientists in January 2012 surveyed the reefs on Great Guana Cay, and confirmed residents’ worst nightmare:  coral diseases and algae had risen dramatically on the reefs nearest the sprawling Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club since its 2010 construction.

Golf courses require heavy doses of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides to remain green and attractive. Scientists say this toxic dose of chemicals is seeping through the island’s porous limestone foundation, speeding growth of algae on the fragile reef, and weakening corals, making them much more susceptible to disease.

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  1. How sad that money speaks louder than the ocean’s cries for help. Coral has enough problems without such wanton destruction.

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