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Ft. Lauderdale – Sea Turtle Intersection of Death

The killing continues in Ft. Lauderdale. Also see:


We regretfully must show what STOP volunteers try so hard to prevent. They
missed this nest FT 688 yesterday morning 9/6/2011. A1A and NE 9TH st. Ft. Lauderdale FL
(Primanti Bros. Pizza area) Only two made it to water unassisted.

WATCH the Video:

It is with a very heavy heart we must show you this. Their volunteers work
tirelessly to prevent this from happening, but they failed this time to protect
these hatchlings from the City of Ft. Lauderdale’s decision to not enforce it’s
own 8 year old lighting ordinances.

They worked long into the night to bring this video to the
world. Please don’t let these deaths be for nothing.

PLEASE email the following and ask they begin to enforce the ordinance from
2003. To take a single turtle is a federal and state felony. So why is this
being allowed to happen every night?






Here is a letter from code “enforcement” to the mayor
you will find interesting. The very first line under HISTORY tells the whole

Why are yard maintenance, parking, watering and other code violations not given
the “educational approach” as well? Code “Enforcement” is
not called “Selective Code Education”. Who is making the decision of
which laws to “enforce” and which to “educate”, which to
fine and which to let slide? Could this be because the city itself is one of
the biggest offenders of it’s own ordinance?


We are not asking for the city to spend extra money…

TRUTH: what we ask will SAVE millions in wasted energy from overpowered lights
being directed into space for which tax payers are currently overpaying.

We are not asking to “turn off” any lights or
reduce public safety.

TRUTH: It will increase safety by reducing unsafe, blinding glare and direct
light to the ground where it is needed.

We are not asking for any new laws.

TRUTH: Harming a sea turtle is already a third degree felony. The Federal,
State and local laws in place are more than enough. Enforce them.

The South
Beach parking lot remodel
project lights the city claims cost “millions of dollars” were never
turned on this season and are not part of the current problem.

TRUTH: The new, overpriced lights will be IN ADDITION to the lights which are
causing the problems and are only a tiny fraction of a much larger, city wide
issue. Any new lights must meet lighting code. This does not make the money
spent on a remodel project “for the turtles”… The lights must also
meet hurricane code etc. Millions of dollars the city spent on 125 new lights
for a parking lot remodel is a math problem, and not related to the turtles
unless the parking lot was remodeled “for the turtles”, which it was
not. The above video took place in an area NOT affected by any current lighting
or remodel project. In fact, it took place next to brand new, non-complaint
construction that has already taken hundreds of turtles this season.

STOP is a non-profit, sea turtle conservation organization
which rescues hatchlings, documents hatchling disorientations and records and
publishes hatch data for research and educational purposes in accordance with
the Freedom of Information Act. STOP has already documented over 11,000
hatchling disorientations year to date in Broward County
in the first 3 months of the 2011 season.

We work with the law and for the law. All we ask that the city also OBEY and
ENFORCE the laws and STOP the psychological torture the caring rescue
volunteers endure every night.

Read the full ordinance






State Statute 379 Sec. 5

5. Any person, firm, or corporation that illegally takes, disturbs, mutilates,
destroys, CAUSES TO BE DESTROYED, transfers, sells, offers to sell, molests, or
harasses any marine turtle species, or the eggs or nest of any marine turtle
species as described in this subsection, commits a third degree felony,
punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.


Lauderdale Sea
Turtle Lighting Ordinance Sec. 6-51

“It is the policy of the City of Fort
Lauderdale that no artificial light shall illuminate any area of
the incorporated beaches of Fort

Read the full ordinance


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