Posted by: reefrescue | August 23, 2011

Ft. Lauderdale city lights killing baby sea turtles

A sea turtle rescue group is planning to protest street lights owned by the city of Fort Lauderdale that appear to violate the city’s own protective ordinance.

Members of Sea Turtle Oversight Protection claim streetlamps on A1A are illegally visible from the beach, leading disoriented hatchlings away from the ocean and further harming endangered species.

After millions of years using the moon to guide them from sandy nests to the sea, baby turtles instinctively follow light
once born. Bright, man-made lights have caused many turtles to die, a critical issue over which the city of Fort Lauderdale passed the lighting ordinance and issues citations.

“They need to set the example,” says STOP’s Richard Whitecloud. “They need to say ‘we’re doing it so everyone else has to do it too.’ I mean, it’s that simple.”

STOP’s 125 volunteers comb the beaches day and night, and say they have observed hundreds of turtles heading toward the lights on A1A instead of theAtlantic Ocean.

“We were very specific about our concerns because we’re speaking from experience,” said Whitecloud. “We’re out here on the beach every night recovering hatchlings that are disoriented to the artificial light sources, in particular the city lights…it’s heartbreaking.”


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