Posted by: reefrescue | July 9, 2011

Divers Rescue Endangered Sea Turtle

On July 6th while performing a scuba survey Reef Rescue volunteers became turtle rescue divers. About one mile southeast of the Boynton Beach Inlet Reef Rescue divers found a juvenile endangered Green Sea Turtle entangled with fish hooks and line about 60 feet below the surface. The divers surfaced with the turtle, where it was placed aboard Splashdown Divers Charters boat.

The turtle now named “Splash” will be at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, for several months. A full recovery is expected following surgery to repair fish hook damage and swallowed monofilament fishing line.

Video links:

CBS news coverage:

NBC news:

Turtle at rehab facility:



  1. We often free trapped turtles while diving in the Lauderdale area. They are often snagged in fishing line when found, still alive on the bottom. However, I believe they just became snagged when startled by divers, otherwise, they would have drowned. I would like to see a more active fishing line cleanup program to help alleviate this problem. We always wind up what we can but there is just so much of it there.

  2. That’s great story. I remember when the “ripple effect” from the recent Japanese tusnami hit the neighbor islands of Hawaii, some of the turtles got washed ashore and were stuck in mud. There were some great images of fire-fighters rescuing them to be put back in the ocean. In regards to people exploiting the reef for coral jewelry, I wanted to bring to your readers’ attention that many retailers are ceasing sales of coral jewelry. One of those such retailers is Na Hoku – Hawaii’s Finest Jewelers. Thanks for letting me share!

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