Posted by: reefrescue | April 23, 2011

Florida Governor Scott’s Earth Day Message: We don’t need no stinkin’ EPA

In an Earth Day message that would have warmed the heart of Jefferson Davis, Florida Governor Rick Scott rejects federal authority.

Governor to EPA: Water guidelines aren’t necessary here

The day after the Florida House passed a bill to ban implementation of water quality standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration, Gov. Rick Scott on Friday asked the agency to rescind a January 2009 determination that the federal rules are necessary forFlorida.

The U.S. EPA released pollution standards forFloridawaterways in December 2010 as part of a 2009 legal settlement with environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, who sued the agency for not enforcing the Clean Water Act inFlorida.

The EPA told all states in 1998 to set limits on nitrogen and phosphorous pollution, and warned it would do it for them if no action was taken by 2004. But 2004 passed with no action. Hence the lawsuit.

The environmental group Earthjustice said the move protects polluters by rejecting a plan for preventing slimy algae outbreaks that kill fish and makeFloridawater unfit for boating and swimming.

 “It is particularly galling that Scott is thumbing his nose at clean water on Earth Day. It says a lot,” said Earthjustice attorney David Guest in a prepared statement. “Polluters have been using our public waters as their private dumping grounds for too long, and it needs to stop. The corporate lobbyists who have Scott’s ear are good at what they do. Unfortunately, when they win, the rest of us lose.”

You can’t make this stuff up.
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