Posted by: reefrescue | May 10, 2010

Action Alert: Tell Canine Caviar to stop selling “great white chews/bites”

Action Alert: Tell Canine Caviar to stop selling “great white chews/bites”

 Some of you might remember this company from last year: Canine Caviar sells mercury-laced dog chews manufactured from endangered Thresher Sharks!

Just how bad these chews are for your dog, you can read here:

Canine Caviar was sent proof that their dog chews are extremely unhealthy, not to mention unethical because they use the cartilage of an endangered species!

But Canine Caviar doesn’t care, apparently money is the only thing they care about…

Finally a letter sent was to Canine’s CEO by registered mail, signed by many of the top level personalities in shark conservation including Rob Stewart, the writer and producer of Sharkwater and Julie Andersen, the founder of Shark Savers and Shark Angels.

You can read this letter and see the signatures of all the representatives here:

So we’re all out of patience! This time, WE WON’T STOP, UNTILL THEY STOP!

Please copy or edit the standard letter in the link and send it to the e-mail addresses provided below the letter. Don’t use up all your energy at once. The idea is to send a few letters EVERY DAY, untill Canine Caviar stops selling shark derived products!

FIND THE LETTER HERE:!/topic.php?uid=104705676229836&topic=84

This is your chance to really make a difference! Take action now and support the Global Shark Initiative campaigns, we WILL save sharks, tackling one inequity at a time!

The Global Shark Initiative

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