Posted by: reefrescue | March 24, 2010

Reef Relief founders retire

It’s official!  Craig and DeeVon Quirolo founders of Reef Relief in Key West (not to be confused with Palm Beach County Reef Rescue) retired last year, only to begin an effort to provide an Online Resource on Coral Reefs. 

We’re proud to announce the launch of, including dozens of Youtube videos produced by Craig, 10,000 images of coral reefs from multi-year surveys that can be downloaded and used, and all the award-winning educational tools, grassroots strategies and project reports assembled during their work over the past 23 years in the Florida Keys and throughout the Caribbean protecting coral reefs as the founders of Reef Relief. The new website features blogs on reef news, science and even offshore oil, along with images of coral reefs in the Florida Keys, Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas and elsewhere.

They hope to inspire a new generation of sea fans!   So check it out and comment on the blogs. See their Friends of the Reef section.

They want to insure that others can learn from their experiences and continue the important work of saving endangered coral reefs. Craig’s work to create the image archive from all the years he monitored coral reefs, especially those revealing new coral diseases, is invaluable to researchers, students, media, divers and the general public to learn about coral reefs.


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