Posted by: reefrescue | February 26, 2010

Guam protests Navy’s plan to dredge coral reef

Governor voices concerns at US Coral Reef Task Force summit

Guam Governor Felix Camacho told the Coral Reef Task Force “environmental risks associated with the proposed dredging are great and there is a need to define processes and practices in working through compensatory mitigation on coral reefs. He stressed to the Task Force the inherent need to form a working group to include local expertise in developing interim guidance and long term standards for compensatory mitigation (read more).

EPA sharply criticizes military’s Guam plan

HONOLULU (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency is sharply criticizing the military’s plan to move thousands of Marines to Guam, saying its failure to plan for infrastructure upgrades would lead to raw sewage spills and a shortage of drinking water.

Further, the agency said the military’s plan to build a new aircraft carrier berth at the U.S. territory’s Apra Harbor would result in “unacceptable impacts” to 71 acres of a high quality coral reef (read more).


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