Posted by: reefrescue | October 22, 2009

Climate Change and Coral Extinction – International Day of Climate Change – Oct. 24

Climate Change and Coral Extinction

There is a real possibility that coral reefs may be the first ecosystems on the planet to face extinction from excessive atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. Respected scientists from across the globe warn that today’s 387 ppm CO2 level is already too high and is beginning to degrade the world’s coral reefs.

Credible climatology models predict 400 ppm CO2 may be reached by 2015. Carbon dioxide concentrations over 400 ppm will increase ocean temperatures to a point where mass coral bleaching events can become an annual occurrence. As carbon dioxide levels continue to increase and the oceans become more acidic, corals and shellfish will be unable to build skeletons.

On Saturday, October 24, concerned citizens from across the globe will rally to focus attention on the carbon dioxide threat facing the planet. If you care about the environment and future generations –  join us to help raise the public’s awareness about one of the most challenging problems facing humanity.


In Palm Beach County join us Saturday October 24, 3 PM at:

Atlantic Dunes Beach Park, Linton & A1A Delray Beach, FL

Visit for details.


To learn more about the International Day of Climate Change or to find a rally near you go to:


To see how elevated CO2 and ocean acidification is killing the world’s coral reefs watch: 

Is the Great Barrier Reef on death row?  Link:  Datpresenter® 2.0 Build #1854 for [dpx_v12]







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